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    Never forget an idea

    Ever visualised the perfect shot... and then forgot about it? Make a note of it in Shutter Scouts and revisit the shot weeks, months or years later!

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    Let Shutter Scouts watch the weather for you

    Found a great location & previsualised the perfect shot? Now let Shutter Scouts predict which day will have the ideal conditions!


  • Never forget an idea again: Store your photo ideas quickly and securely
  • Spend less time watching weather reports — let Shutter Scouts do it for you!
  • GPS, Calendar & Mobile Integration

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Shutter Scouts helps you to plan your Photography

Shutter Scouts is a website designed for anyone who photographs the outdoors: landscapes, nature, sports, architecture. We all know how frustrating it is to have the perfect shot in mind and then have Mother Nature turn against us.

Shutter Scouts allows the dedicated photographer to store their photographic ideas (location, notes and ideal conditions) and let our automated army of scouts monitor the weather, tidal and astonomical conditions for you. When we predict the ideal conditions will occur, we'll notify you (by email and mobile SMS), saving you the hassle of monitoring the weather reports.

Shutter Scouts can help you get these shots:

  • An autumn reflection shot? You'll need a clear day and still winds in an early autumn morning
  • A nighttime shot of the harbour? Perhaps you'll want a high tide, light winds and full moon
  • A mystical shot of the castle? Mist at dawn is your best bet
  • A typical summer beach scene of sandcastles? You'll be needing sunshine!

Of course, there's nothing wrong with impulse photography but great professional photographers are also great planners. Shutter Scouts helps you to avoid pointless journeys, wasted time and disappointing photo sessions — perfect for the busy professional or the time-starved enthusiast. I aim to get you more winning shots, more paying business and, ultimately, more satisfaction.


Shutter Scouts will be opening a invite-only preview version soon.
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